The Freestyle Percussion Foundation was founded in 2004 by Christopher P.A. Seltzer to provide music education to youth because of the growing number of schools ending music programs.  Our mission is to foster holistic positivity, encourage character building, promote scholarship, and enhance leadership skills among youth and young adults through the utilization of music, arts and dance. 

We serve at least 120 students each year in music and dance lessons.  We provide private lessons, marching band training, and we partner with  A.G. Gaston Boys & Girls Club and Center for a New Generation (CNG) by providing drum, dance, and vocal lessons to two clubhouses and Hayes K-8 Elementary School. 

Our hope is to encourage a spirit of pride and excellence in Birmingham and surrounding cities through the gift of music and arts. We are developing our students into leaders who will positively impact our communities as we use music and arts to instill confidence, commitment, discipline, and excellenceThrough our program 75% of our high school graduates have entered college, 6% enrolled in trade school, and 8% military.

Music study has been linked to higher academic performance, more likelihood to reach higher levels of academia, declines in substance use, reduced disciplinary problems and even reductions in racism (Music, 2009).