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Your Gift is needed!

You can help foster the growth of our next generation of musicians with contributions to The Freestyle Percussion Foundation.

It is our hope that by providing music and dance lessons as a positive outlet for our youth, we are proactively preventing their involvement in negative and sometimes life threatening situations.

Studies show that music lessons produce extremely positive outcomes in lives of its participants; such as self-discipline, teamwork, coordination, pride, lifetime skills, responsibility, creativity, companionship, builds character and personality, improves self-esteem, social development, and enjoyment. 

Freestyle desires to be an avenue used for people to obtain the great benefits of becoming a musician regardless of their socioeconomic status. 

Since Freestyle has 501(c)3 status, donations are tax deductible or can be used as a tax deduction. Contributions in any amount are needed and appreciated.

Donate by Mail
Send your check or money order, made payable to “The Freestyle Percussion Foundation” to:
The Freestyle Percussion Foundation
2010 Old Springville Rd
Suite 124
Birmingham, AL 35215